Basics of the Roulette Game

Basics of the Roulette Game

roulette-ball-wheelBasics of Roulette

After delving deep into the Roulette history a closer look into the workings of the game is fair. The Roulette wheel is made in such a way that it rotates inside a bowl, where a ball rolls until both the ball and the wheel come to a stop. The ball should rest in one of the 38 divisions around the wheel’s edge – 37 in European /Latin American tables.

Before the ball can be rolled, people are usually required to place their stakes on the number that will come up. This is done by placing chips on a special betting matt. The location of the chips will indicate the bet that has been made.

Roulette is a game that has French roots; French terms are therefore used on a traditional table, even in English speaking communities. Many US tables, however, use English terms and a slightly different matt style.

What makes Roulette a fun game is the number of different stakes and the odds that an individual can make. The list below explains this further:

Evens –
Rouge, red number;
Pair, even number;
Noir, black number;
Impair odd number;

Manque, 1-18;
Passe, 19-36. “Passe” is named so because the ball has passed the central position, Manque on the other hand, means “failed” in French, it means the ball did not pass 18. 2-1 –

“Le Douze“, here, you will have twelve numbers, that is, in the first, middle and last numbers. You will be required to place your stake in one of the squares as they have accordingly been marked. 3-1 –
Here, there are three columns with twelve numbers, you will be required to place your stake at the end of one of the three columns.

6-1 – This is a six number set, your bet should be placed on the meeting point of the periphery of two rows, each with three numbers, so as to bet on the 6 numbers that lie in those two rows.

9-1 – “Carre en pleine”, this is a four number set, you are required to place your bet at the intersection of the four number square that is being bet upon.

12-1 – “Carre simple”, this is a three number row. You are required to place your stake over the line that forms the end of three rows of three numbers which you are required to bet upon.

18-1 – “En Chaval” These are two numbers. You should place your bet across the line that divides the two lines where you place your stake.

35-1 – Here, you place your stake on the box that shows the number that is concerned. You are free to place your stake on zero or double zero.

Ironically, the total sum of the numbers on the Roulette is 666, which is also the number of the beast (devil) in the Holy Bible (Revelation).