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If you would like to play a casino game which does not require downloading an app, then you should give Bodog casino Roulette a try. This casino does not require its players to download any app to enjoy the many games available at the casino. When you register an account you will be able to play all of the games from any l0cation. The choose is your to make, download and install software on your computer or play the flash casino without this download. At the moment Bodog casino offers a $600 welcome bonus for anyone who register a new account and makes a first deposit.
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American Roulette

bodog-american-rouletteBodog Roulette casino offers its players a chance to win big per spin in the American Roulette. The ball will produce a sound as it dances across the Roulette wheel before hitting home. You will also see the crowd waiting for the result with a lot of anticipation.

Conceived in eighteenth century France, Roulette is a game that is famed for its simplicity and excitement. You will find the American and the European Roulette at Bodog. The difference between the two is the double zero in the American Roulette wheel and the single zero in the European roulette wheel. This is a delicate issue for any roulette player since the double zero in the American roulette doubles the house edge of the casinos that offer the American Roulette.


Playing in the American Roulette at the Bodog Casino Roulette

The American Roulette is a game that entails a ball, a roulette wheel marked with red and black numbers, from 1-36, a green zero, a green double zero and a table that has boxes which contain numbers and odds matching the wheel. You can place your desired denomination bet ($1, $5, $25, or $100). You are also allowed to choose your bet by clicking on one number or a group of them, odd numbers, even numbers or the color red or black. If you also want to place more than 1 bet on one number, a group of them or the colours red or black, you are simply required to click on these numbers more than once.

The minimum bet amount is $1 while the maximum is $500. Once you are sure that all your bets are in place, simply click the “Spin” button, and watch the wheel turn around as the ball bounces counter clockwise. Once the ball slows down and eventually stops on one slot, the player who had placed his or her wager on that slot number, slot colour (red or black) or the slot number (even or odd) is pronounced the winner.

After a win, the same bet that you had placed before will remain on the table, if you want to place a different bet, just click the “Clear all” button to remove all chips from the table. If, however, you want to place the same bets again, simply click the “Repeat” button.

Bodog casino Bonuses

Players get a 100% match on their deposits, up to $600, when they choose to play Roulette games at the Bodog casino Roulette. Players also get 20% bonuses, of up to $100, when they refer their friends to the site. So why wait? Join Bodog casino Roulette today and win big in the Roulette games offer!!



Gameplay - 8.5
Entertainment - 9
Grafics - 8.5
Support - 9
Bonus - 8.5

User Rating: 8.4 (1 votes).

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