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Getting Started with the Bovada Casino

Bovada casino, a Bodog affiliate, is an online gambling site dedicated to giving its clients a lush gambling experience. Bovada has an excellent customer care that is coupled with easy to use and fast software. If you’re interested in a more lifelike gambling experience, you will be amazed by how real the gambling experience is at Bovada. The downside of this online casino is the fact that, it has limited banking options and no live customer support.


Some of the Games featured at the Bovada Casino

bovada-casino-rouletteBovada casino American Roulette

The American roulette is an improved version of the European roulette or the French roulette. The numbers on the American roulette wheel are arranged in a sequential order. Players can choose to place their bets on a single number, a group of them red, black, even or odd numbers.

The dealer spins the wheel in one direction and the ball on the other to determine which bet will take the cash prize home. The ball eventually loses its momentum and lands on one of the 37 numbered slots on the roulette wheel. The number the ball rests on determines the winner of the game.

Aim of the American Roulette Game

The main aim of the player in this game is to correctly guess which number the ball will land on. Each number on the America roulette wheel has an equal chance of getting the roulette ball land on it, one win does not necessarily determine the result of the next spin.

The Bovada American Roulette wheel

What makes the American roulette wheel different from the French and European roulette wheels is the fact that, the American roulette has the Zero and the double zero, hence increasing the house edge to 5.26%. It is important that you are well versed with this fact before playing the American roulette.

The American Roulette Table

The roulette table can accommodate a maximum of 8 players per spin, the game is usually under the leadership of a dealer or croupier who is responsible for what happens on the roulette table.

Bets and payouts

The bets and payouts in this game are same as those stated under the Bovada European casino below. That is, the straight up bet, the split bet, the street bet, corner, sixline, Dozen, columns, Even chance bets (red, black, odds or evens).

Also, the La partage rule does not apply in this version of the roulette, when the ball lands on zero, you lose all your money/bet.


 The Bovada casino European Roulette

european-roulette-bovadaDating back to 17th century France, the European roulette combines chance and tact. The online version of the game consists of a table that is marked with numbers in a non sequential manner, a ball and a wheel. All that will be required from you is that you place a bet on one number or a bunch of them or choose the color that you will place your bet on. After doing this, click on the spin button and wait for your fate to unravel. The number or color that the ball will land on will determine your fortune.

How to Play the European Roulette

The Bovada Casino European roulette wheel contains 37 numbers, that is, the numbers 0-36. The numbers 1-36 are numbered in no particular sequence and are either red or black in color, while the zero is green in color. The ball can stop in either of these numbers or zero. You will be required to place your bet on the number or color that you think the ball will stop on by placing your chips on the roulette table. The winnings will be dependent on the odds that your bet is dependent upon.

Bets descriptions and payouts

You can place your bet on $1, $5, $25,$50 or$100. You can choose the amount of money to bet on by clicking on the chip amounts, that is, from $1 to $500. When you have reached your desired bet amount in the “amount to bet per click” area, you can place individual bets that equal the bet amounts by clicking on the different parts of the table. You can bet up to $500 per spin for outside bets and also for inside bets. Once in place, you should spin the wheel, if the ball lands on your lucky number, you are a winner!!!

Bet types, their descriptions and corresponding payouts

Inside bets

Straight up bet – This is a bet placed on one number. The payout here is 35-1.
Split – This is a bet placed on a line that lies between two numbers. The payout is 17-1.
Street – This is a bet that is placed on the lower end of some rows of numbers.
Corner – This is a bet placed at the intersection of 4 numbers or the lower interconnection between the numbers of and 1. The bet payout here is 8-1.
Corner (0, 1, 2, 3) – This is a bet where the player places his bet at the top corner of 3, that is, where the 3 and the 0 interconnect. The payout is 8-1.
Line – This is a bet that involves 6 numbers. The player places his wager at the upper end of two rows, that is, where they intersect. The payout is 5-1.

Outside bets

Any column – This is a bet that involves 12 numbers. The requirement here is that, you place your wager in one of the boxes at situated at the bottom of each column. The payout here is 2-1.
Dozen – This is a bet that involves 12 numbers. As a player, you are required to place your bet in one of the boxes marked, 1st 12, 2nd 12 or 3rd 12. The payout is 2-1.
Red – The player is required to place his bet on one the box that has the red diamond. This player bet on all red numbers. The payout is 1-1.
Black – The player places his bet on the box containing the black diamond. In this bet, the player places his bet on all the black numbers. The payout is 1-1.
Even – This is a bet that involves all the even numbers. The player places his bet on the box marked even. The payout is 1-1.
Odd – the player places his bet on all the odd numbers. Select the box marked odd to place your wager on all odd numbers. The payout is 1-1.
1-18 – Here, the player places his bet on the numbers 1-18. Select the box marked 1-18 to place your bet. The payout is 1-1.
19-36 – Here, the player places his bet on the numbers 19-36. To place your bet on these numbers, select the box marked 19-36.

Neighbor Bets

Neighbor Bet – When a number is chosen from the roulette wheel by a player, the two immediate numbers to the left and to the right will also be placed under the bet. That is, if a player chooses the number 5 and to the bet amount will also be placed on the two numbers that appear on the left side, that is, 10 and 23, and those that appear on the right, that is, 16 and 24. That is, 15, 24, 5, 10 and 23, will all be on the bet. The payout here is equivalent to that of the straight up bet: 35-1.

Voisins du Zero – When you select a 9 chips bet, it will cover all the seven chips to the right-side of zero, zero included, and nine numbers to the left of zero, that is, 0/2/3+25/26/28/29, each having 2 chips, 4/7+12/15+18/21+19/22+32/35, each having 1 chip. The payout in this case is equal to the bet that has been placed, that is, 0/2/3 has a payout of 11-1, 25/26/28/29, has a payout of 8-1 and 4/7/12/15/18/21/19/22/32/35 has a payout of 17-1.

Tiers du cylinder – When you select a 6-chips bet, it will cover 1/3 of all the numbers that appear on the roulette table, which start from 33 to 27. That is, 5/8+10/11+13/16+23/24+27/30+33/36, each of these will have 1 chip. The payout here is 17-1, same as that of the split bet.

Special Bets

Orphans – When you go for this option, you place your bet on 5 chips. This bet covers the number 1 with one chip, then the numbers, 6/7+14/17+17/20+31/34, each with one chip. The payout in this case is equal to 35-1 for number 1 and 17-1 for the numbers 6/7+14/17+17/20+31/34.


How to secure a win in the Bovado Casino French Roulette Game

One rule you should keep in mind is the fact that roulette is a completely random game. There are, however, tricks that will help you secure better winning chances, they are:

Make low bets. Always confine yourself to affordable bets, that is, do not make bets that will negatively impact your financial status should you lose a bet. You should also not overly make bets after losing a bet to cover up for it, this might only make you suffer more losses.

Make use of the odd and even bets. These are the bets that you should place if you are interested in making your session last longer. Thanks to the La partage rule, you will get half of your money back if the ball lands on zero, half is not a win, but it is better than losing all your money entirely.

Conclusion: Why should I play the Bovada Casino French Roulette?

Not forgetting to mention the fact that the software the online casino uses is very easy to use, the Bovada casino French Roulette offers a game that gives you a near to real life experience. The game also has a low house advantage compared to the American roulette. The Casino also has safe and reliable software and an excellent customer support. You will also get a $2,000 bonus and 94.3% of your total payout!!!

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