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Roulette is a game of chance. However, the amount of risk and reward involved in the game can be controlled. You can choose to wager on one number and risk winning a big payout or choose place your bet on several numbers and increase your chances of securing a win. At Caesars casino Roulette, players have the chance to get a 200% match on their deposit, up to £1000!!!


Playing Roulette Splendide at Caesars casino roulette

caesars-casino-rouletteTo place your wager, simply select the chip with the value that you want from the rack situated on the lower right side of the casino table. After deciding the chip that you want to use, click on the bet area on the Roulette table where you want to place your chip. Every click on that area will add an extra chip. If you want to place a different bet amount, simply select a different chip and place your wager.


The Buttons on the Roulette Table

Clear: If you want to clear all the bets from the roulette table, simply use the “Clear” button.

Undo: To remove the last bet that you placed on the Roulette table, use the “Undo” button.

Spin: To set the Roulette wheel in motion after you are satisfied that the bets on the Roulette table are correct, use the “Spin” button.

Rebet: If you want to use the same bets from the previous game, use the “Rebet” button.

About Caesars casino Roulette Splendide

The Roulette splendid is a version of the European Roulette that uses both the standard bets (inside and outside) and the French style Racetrack bets (call, called or sector bets). This game is commenced by hitting the “SPIN” button. Once you click on this button, you cannot stop the game and the amount placed (bet) will also be cut from your account.

Each spin is totally independent of the previous spin(s) or position where the wheel starts. The animation that you will see is simply a graphical representation of the spin and does not in any way affect the final outcome of the game. Wins are rewarded in accordance to the bets placed.

Table limits

The maximum amount of bet that you can place is £1000, however, the limits of individual bets are treated differently, that is, £25 on a straight bet and £500 on an even bet.


Malfunctions Disconnections, and Interruptions

Since the Online Caesars casino Roulette uses the internet, it is subject to interruptions, disconnections or malfunctions. In case you are disconnected before commencing the game, it will stop there and then. If you start the game and then you get disconnected, the outcome of the game will hold and the status recorded on the game servers; the bet will stand and it will be reflected in the status of your account.

In case of a malfunction, the game results will be rendered void.

Other than the mishaps that may result as you enjoy your Roulette game, Caesars casino Roulette, Splendide Roulette, is a game with a lot of chances that favour the player. This is because the Roulette wheel is based on the European or French Roulette, meaning that it has only one zero, hence lowering the house edge to a reasonably low level when compared to the American Roulette.



Gameplay - 8.5
Entertainment - 9
Grafics - 8.5
Support - 9
Bonus - 8

User Rating: 10.0 (1 votes).

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