Call or Announced bets.

Call or Announced bets.

call-betsMany people believe that gambling is a game that is played by quietly placing your bet on the space you chose to stake your chances on. This is not always the case. You can also choose to use the call bet, that is, by calling out your bet before the ball stops spinning. In the US and UK, however, this is not allowed since it is referred to as betting on credit; this is because the player does not place money on the table.

Announced bets on the other hand, are somewhat similar to the call bets. The bet is also said out loud to the dealer and the money for betting is placed on the table before the ball stops spinning. These are popularly used in the European Roulette. They are as follows:

“Voisins du zero’”– This is French for “neighbours of zero”.

In the European Roulette, there are 17 numbers between numbers 22 and 25 with zero between them. To play Voisins du zero, you have to play two chips on parts of the section. “Jeu Zero” in French, “Spiel zero” in German or “Zero game” in English – This means placing your bet on the numbers that are closer to zero in the European Roulette, that is, 12, 3, 35, 26, 15, 32 and 0.

To play this series, you are required to use 4 chips, A “tier” or the “third” – These are the twelve numbers found on the opposite side of the wheel from the “voisins” and the zero. On the European wheel, the numbers are from 27 to 33, and just like the name states, they cover 1/3 of the wheel. To lay your stake on the tier, you will be required to use 6 chips.

Ophelins / Orphans – These are found between the “voisins du zero” and “tier” sections. These are the two small slices on either side of the wheel. They amount to four in each slice, making 8 orphans in total. A player uses 5 chips to lay his or her stake.
How to Play the European Roulette online

The European Roulette entails the combination of tact and chance. The European version of the Roulette game comprises of; a wheel, a ball, and a table that is marked with separate boxes which contain numbers that have been arranged in a manner that is not sequential. All that you need to do is to place your bets on one number or more. The number that the ball will land on will determine if you will win or not.