European Roulette

The European Roulette:

Why is it the better Gambling Alternative?

Roulette is a classic game. Despite the fact that it has been around for centuries, it is still very popular in casinos. Be it a physical or online casino, be assured that roulette will be one of the games featured. Tracing its roots to the 18th century France, the European Roulette is one of the variations of the Roulette games.

This means that, the table that you will play on will have; one green 0 and 36 red and black numbers. You can lay your stake on any single number, red or black and odd or even numbers. You can also lay your stake on a whole column, a corner bet where you are allowed to cover 4 different numbers, a split bet where you can lay your stake on 2 different numbers, 12 adjacent numbers, 1 to 18 and so on. Once you have laid your stake, the dealer spins the reel anticlockwise while the ball clockwise. Once the ball loses momentum, it stops at one of the 37 slots and voila! The winner emerges.

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European Roulette is quite different from American Roulette. Initially, Roulette game had one zero and 36 red or black numbers. As the game grew more popular in casinos, casino owners saw an opportunity of bettering the house edge by adding a double zero (00) to the roulette wheel. This version travelled the world, but remained in America, where it is still used today. In Europe, the single zero roulette game was reclaimed, where the better odds were also retained in the process.

To add a bit of a twist to the Roulette game, a few more rules from French Roulette were used, that is, the “La Partage” rule, which means that the player will lose half of his bet if the ball stops at the zero mark. This only applies to outside bets and also cuts the house advantage by half: 1.35%.

Another rule is the “En Prison” rule. This rule states that, if your ball lands on the zero mark, your bet will be imprisoned and you will have the next spin to try and hit your lucky number. If again the ball lands on zero, you get your money back with no profit on top of it. This rule also only applies to outside bets.

If you love playing it safe, then the European Roulette is the best deal for you, this is because the house has a lower edge when compared to American Roulette.