French Roulette Basics

French Roulette Basics

Getting acquainted with the French Roulette Basics
french-roulette-table-layoutIf you are a novice player, you should make an effort of learning the mechanics of the French Roulette. By doing this, you will be increasing your odds of winning in the game. Knowledge of how the different versions of roulette are always a plus, but most importantly, knowledge of the roulette game that you are playing is an even bigger plus.

As a novice, you can suffer huge losses if you are not well versed with the game mechanics of the roulette variation that you are playing.Roulette experts do not enjoy seeing new players loosing their bets consecutively; this is because such a trend would kill the excitement felt every time the game is played. To ensure that this does not happen, they usually advise beginners to ensure that they acquaint themselves with the French rules before playing any game.

Most casinos with the option of the French roulette only allow a maximum of 8 people to play per round. Every player qualified to play in the casino is expected to purchase chips from the croupier or dealer. The chips are always coloured differently to ensure that there is no confusion regarding the type of bet placed.

After getting the chips and the respective instructions from croupiers, players are allowed to place their bets in the boxes that are on the roulette table which correspond to every slot on the roulette wheel. Players are allowed to keep betting even after the croupier or dealer has started spinning the roulette wheel. Betting is allowed until the dealer instructs that no more bets can be placed.

To determine the roulette winner, the croupier waits until the ball rests on one of the slots on the roulette wheel. Players who place their bets on the slot where the ball stops, get cash chips that correspond to the amount of money they win. Afterwards, the players can exchange the cash chips for real money at the casino’s cash desk.