Live Roulette

Live Roulette at online casinos

Playing live Roulette is just like playing real Roulette in a casino of brick and mortar but then sitting in your own chair in your own house. Different online casinos will offer you this possibility nowadays and also some casinos mentioned on this website have a live casino online.

Live Roulette getting more popular.

Playing at Roulette table is always been popular with a great number of players. And the wide range of different Roulette games these days has made the game even more admired. The version of live Roulette what gives you the experience of being in a real casino, while sitting at home has been welcomed by a great number of players. Away from the graphic version and seeing real people work at the Roulette table seem to be a lot more interesting than just an animation of a ball rolling into a wheel. Sins this option of playing Roulette in a live situation was first introduced it has grown a lot. And no online casino can afford not having it’s own live version of the Roulette game. This new experience for Roulette players took off like a rocket and hasn’t stopped yet.

Live Roulette a real experience.


Paddy Power live Roulette

We have to admit that live Roulette is getting pretty close to the real experience and for some players it’s even better. We are not all living in Las Vegas and for some of us getting to a casino can be a long drive to a shimmy place. Not to mention that a home you can enjoy a nice beer of glass or whine while betting your favourite numbers without the worry of you getting home toxicated behind the wheel. Enough reason for many players to have tried the live online version of Roulette and enjoyed the experience.


To bring you this new experience live have invested a lot these past years to make this all possible. While in the beginning you just saw a little video in the corner of someone turning the Roulette wheel. Now you will get a full blow wide screen view of everything that is happening on and around the table. By adding the possibility to communicate to the dealer by making your remark or asking them a question the personal experience became even greater.

Cameras around the Roulette table.

The whole range of cameras surrounding the Roulette table enables you to watch every move that is made on the Roulette table. And when the Roulette ball is thrown into the cylinder a detailed view allows you to see every spin it makes and every jump it makes. Having this close view of the ball makes the Roulette games even more exiting and when to ball rolls closer the your lucky number your heartbeat will go faster.

The interface connects you to the game.


Betfair live Roulette

Of course much time has been spent to make the interface with this live casino as good as it can be. Not only is it easy to bet on your favourite number and you don’t have to wrestle your way to the Roulette table to place a bet on your lucky number. A good overview of all the numbers and betting possibilities makes it easy for you to make your bet. And when you placed your bet you don’t have to worry about anyone else claiming the bet is not yours when it drops on your number. Their the modern age takes over and the sophisticated software will make sure that everybody will get paid correctly.


The interface with the live casino will also allows you the see the previous numbers, your winnings or losses, the total of bets you have placed on the table, the total of cash at your disposal and many other things that will keep you informed about the Roulette game your playing. For many people the possibility to communicate however is the most important one. The idea of having the option to ask a question to the dealer at any given moment, ensures them that they have total control over their bankroll and enables them to play without any worry.

Enough said, try live Roulette yourself.


No Bonus casino Live Roulette

Of course we can start describing every detail of live Roulette and tell you about the different camera views. We can tell you about the nice and in many cases good-looking people who are behind the tables. How easy it is to make your bet and how fast you get paid when your number has fallen. But it would be much simpler to just login to your account and click the button to the live Roulette and experience it yourself. Don’t be afraid you don’t have to start betting right away, your allowed to just look around and see how it all works. You be able to see the dealers or croupiers doing their work. And once you seen enough you always can make a bet and place a chip on your favourite number.