Unique features

Unique features of the French Roulette
Most people, including casino owners confuse the French Roulette with the European Roulette. The French Roulette is different from the European Roulette because of two rules. That is, the “La Partage” rule, which states that, the player gets back half of his or her bet if the ball lands on zero. The second rule is the “En Prison” rule; it states that, a player has the opportunity to spin the Roulette wheel again, should the ball land in zero. The rule also states that, if the ball lands on zero the second time, the player will get back his money wager without any profit on top of it.

The In reality, most casinos that offer the European roulette also offer these rules, however, in the real sense this should not be the case. Another distinction between the two is that, in the European Roulette, the writings on the table are in English while on the French version of roulette, the writings are in French.

Not known to many people is the fact that, the original French roulette game had a double zero on the Roulette wheel and later, it offered both the single zero and double zero version of the game. Today, the French version of roulette has a single zero, which encourages the players to play the game even more due to the low stakes involved.