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Virgin Casino started in June 2000. This site (Virgin Casino Roulette) is an affiliate of the Virgin Empire and as such, it provides an excellent service and product to its clients. You will get support through their call centre at any day and at any time, whether during the day or at night. Although our interest is the casino part of Virgin games, when you register an account you also get access to the Bingo and Slots. And like we used to from Sir Richard Branson we can expect only the best online gambling has to offer. For Roulette players this casino is an idyllic place to place your bet. With 3D Roulette for anyone who likes to see the ball rolling in the wheel. And classic Roulette for anyone who likes to see the table bets. When you play more often we advice you to take part in their VIP program and enjoy some exclusive promotions.

Roulette Games featured

3d Roulette 10p – £1000
Classic Roulette – £1 – £1000

Virgin Games Roulette

virgine-casinoIf you like low stakes gambling, then Virgin Casino Roulette will be your “home away from home”. You can bet on the Roulette table from as little as 5p and Blackjack for 10p. You will also get other games at low stakes. For example, Slots (1p), Keno (5p) and Baccarat (50p).


Deposits and Bonuses at Virgin Casino

Virgin Casino will match your deposit by 200%. That is, when you deposit £10 you will get £20, meaning that you will have £30 at your disposal to try your luck at any of the fantastic games they feature, up to a maximum of £200. You will also have the opportunity to earn Vpoints. What sets this offer apart from those of other casinos is the fact that, as the Vpoints increase, you also build Virgin Atlantic Miles. Therefore, if you play enough, you could win a trip to Vegas courtesy of Virgin Atlantic!!!

The frequent bonuses offered by Virgin Casino Roulette makes it a lucrative site to play for. With the low stakes offered, it is also not going to harm you financially. With the top bet of £1000, you can enjoy Virgin Casino’s new systems



Other Games and offers featured at Virgin Casino

Virgin Games Bingo

Virgin Casino will offer you the best online Bingo games, Bingo promotions and fantastic jackpots. You will find free on-site games each week, which will offer you amazing prizes. You can play Bingo across the three rooms that the site has, that is, Adventure, Enterprise and Voyage. After every five minutes, a new game will always start; you will therefore never miss an opportunity to participate in a game of Bingo.

Virgin Casino also offers its player slot games such as Double Bubble and Wonderland. You will also get £20 for every friend that you refer to the site. You will also get the help you need to get started from the very informed and always available chat hosts if you are new to online gambling or have any queries related to gambling.

Conclusion: What makes playing at Virgin Casino a Wonderful Gambling experience?

When compared to other online gambling sites, the stakes involved at Virgin Casino are very low. This means that you will not need to bend your bank backwards for you to enjoy a game of Roulette. With just £10, you will be able to enjoy several games, and if you are lucky enough, win a trip to Vegas through the Vpoints. So what are you waiting for? Try playing at Virgin Casino Roulette for a wonderful gambling experience.



Gameplay - 9
Entertainment - 8
Grafics - 8.5
Support - 9
Bonus - 8

User Rating: 8.9 (2 votes).

Virgin Casino 4.4 5 3